Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Resources to learn Spanish

I am currently using following 3 resources to learn Spanish. .

1. Duolingo - Available as Website, Android app, iPhone App.
2. Memrise - Available as Website, Android app, iPhone App.
3. BBC Languages : Mi Vida Loca - Available as Website only.

All these 3 resources have a lot in common -

1. They offer not just Spanish, but other major languages to learn as well.
2. As you will notice, they are *casual* for a casual learner like me :)
3. They are Free to use.
3. And they are pretty fun way to learn some language.

There are several paid resources as well. I will mention Babel among them. But I will go with these 3 for now.

And finally there is for asking and answering questions relating to Spanish.

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